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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today is a new day

Last night I went to bed with a heavy heart, so much on my mind.  We were both up late last night, so we woke up very late, but I think the extra sleep did us good.  I woke with a refreshed attitude, reminding myself that all things are possible through God and that when we truly believe in HIM, he can conquer  the "mountains" in our lives, making them seem like mere foothills.
We set out to see our sweet boy. The orphanage staff has been very gracious to us.  We can walk into the building and directly up to the room where our little one spends his days.  The head doctor told us that we are the only ones at the orphanage adopting right now, so everyone will know when the Americans arrive, we are there for little "Kostya". 
After being bundled up (it was 76 degrees here today) we headed outside to spend our time together.  There are several benches outside and a small amount of playground equipment.  The grass in the play area is high and it is apparent that the equipment sees very little use.  Many of the children at the orphanage are either too young or too disabled to use the playground equipment that is on the grounds.  All around the grounds are buckeye trees.  One has to be careful not to sit right under a tree or one might get knocked in the head with a falling buckeye!  We have covered our heads and that of our little man's many times during our visits outside.  Yesterday, he had great fun trying to get to my sunglasses on my head.  Today, he was interested in Papa's head.

In the past few visits, our little man is pretty active and ready to interact with us for the first hour.  After that time, he tends to get a little sleepy.  The past two days he has fallen asleep in our arms.  Today it was Papa's arms, yesterday it was Mama's.  It is so sweet to see him so at peace, sleeping in the comfort of someone's arms.  I just sit and watch him sleep, knowing that someday soon, there will be no more multiple Mamas to care for him, but the same Mama and Papa, day in and day out.

We have been taking the Metro (subway) to see our little man each day.  Our trip costs us $.25 each way, so for a trip to and from the orphanage, $1.00.  I enjoy the walk to and from the Metro from our apartment and to the orphanage.  Our little man is on the outskirts of town, not in the big city.  I feel at home in the area of "Kostya's" orphanage.
We had dinner tonight with Laurie, Bryan, Nate, and Diana.  Mexican food. 

Laurie and Bryan have been here before and knew from experience that they did not have sour cream.  (How wrong is that--mexican food and no sour cream?!)  Laurie came prepared--with her own sour cream!  Dinner was yummy and the fellowship was wonderful.

Tomorrow we will venture out to visit both boys.  We have much to talk about with our big boy.  I am so grateful for our dear friend Anya who we can call to translate for us.  I know my teenage son well.  If I tried have a discussion with him in English, he would try to pull the "I don't understand" card, even though I know he understands a good bit of English!

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