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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last visit

Today was our last visit with Max.  When we arrived we asked a couple kids and they told us Max was in the cafeteria.  We walked into the building and found our son at a table by himself, finishing his soup.  He immediately jumped up and gave both of us big hugs. Doug told him to finish his soup and we would wait for him outside.
Today, the weather was around 70 degrees, so we sat outside on a bench outside and waited.  Max came bounding out, and again gave us big hugs.  He tends to lean into mean and put his head against me much like you expect a young boy to do. 
Doug and I explained that tomorrow we will have court and then head for home.  We had to explain him that although tomorrow a judge would deem us his parents, he would need to stay in Ukraine for a while longer.  We could tell that he was visibly upset, but my young man has seen enough pain in his life, he has learned to take it in stride and internalize the pain.  It is so hard to watch.  He was more worried about Mama crying and being upset.  We reminded him how much we love him.

 Doug talked to Max about the option of moving to a new place until April.  We talked with him about moving to a different region where he could be closer to our friend Anya.  He said "a different place is better.  This place is no good.  That boy (pointing) he wants me to skip school with him today.  I told him no".  I think he understands that the temptations are too great where he is now and that moving would be a good thing.
We played several rounds of Uno, one which lasted a REALLY long time, laughed, and had a good time.  Soon enough it was time to leave.  And Mama started crying.  Leaving my boy behind....again.  I pray that Max knows how much we love him and how important he is to us.  We will come back for him, to bring him home-forever.

Tomorrow will be a whirl-wind of activity.  We have court at 9:20am.  Our facilitator is picking us up at 8:30.  After court we plan to go see Elijah.  At 4:30pm our train leaves for the capital city.  We will arrive in Kiev at 10:30pm.  Friday morning our flight leaves Kiev at 6:30am--headed for home.
Though this trip has been long, I can truthfully say there are many things I love about this country.  There are many people I treasure that call Ukraine home. 


Laurie said...

First- Max is SO handsome. Love him.
Second- I love that he is making good decisions and that he demonstrates his love for you guys.
Third- I hate that you have to leave him there.

Thinking about you all, praying for an easy court appointment. Say hey to Tatyana and Valentin for us :)

Blogging Friend said...

I am glad you have court tomorrow but I am so very sorry that Max cannot come home for a while. I understnad that they have their rules just like US does but one would think that they might want you to bring him here to where he will be supervised by you and not be an orphan any longer. Guess they do not think of it the way we do.
Is there any chance at all that the Judge could say you can bring Max home after the 10day wait?
Obviously I do not know all that happened but just wondering if my hoping is out of the question.
I wish so badly that they would wave the 10day weight so you could just go ahead and bring Little Man home. LOL!!
Will you release his new name after court?

Maybe not having Max come home until April is not so bad. At least that way he will most likely NOT start school before the next year. It will give you guys time to figure out what grade he needs to be in and to get use to the new rules and boundaries you will expect of him at home. I know others that have brought older kids home had to put them in lower grades because the schools are not good at the Orphanages. This might be a good thing too. I think you said he was 14 one time and he really does not look like a 14yr old does in the US, so putting him a year or so behind will not be so bad.
I do not know if you know this or not but I am going to say it anyway. LOL!!
After they have been in US for 6 months to a year, you can actually readopt and change a childs age at that time. I know some that have brought kids home from Ukraine that have done this because they do function at a younger age than they really are. This might especially work for the Little Man.

Good Luck in Court!


Jennifer said...

This has been so heavy on my heart since I read your post yesterday about Max needing to stay until April. How I wish the judge could just make that go away and realize that Max needs to go home with you now. And the music with the blog today? I'm a puddly mess. . . I sing that one to my babies. Prayers that it all works out to the glory of God.

MamaPoRuski said...

Praying court went well and the boys are settled for now! Blessings on you and your family today!