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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Morning with Max

      This morning started off early with a trip to the orphanage to see Max.  We arrived at the orphanage and our driver helped us find him, since someone would have to speak Russian to get him today, because he was in school.  So after about five minutes my skinny blond headed comes running down the stairs and give Grandmaand I a great big hug.  It felt great to see him again.
      We then proceeded to his groupa room so we could just sit and talk for a while.  Grandma asked about all the puzzles hanging in his room that had been done over a period of time.  Max went through each one and told her how long they took to put together and which parts he was in charge of.  She told that he was really talented and must really like working puzzles.  He just replied,"Yes, but not as much as Lego's".  I took the hint....
      He then took us down the hall and got a key from a caretaker to open another room for us to venture into.  I thought it was going to be the craft room he has shown Cara and I on an earlier visit, but I was wrong.  This room was the largest I have seen in the orphanage and is the room where they watch TV and work on puzzles.  So we sat down and talked there for a while.  As we were talking, it hit me.  He doesn't know yet.  He doesn't know that he's my son and I'm his father.  We didn't have time after court to tell him the decision, and just assumed he would be told.  I just assumed that the director would be notified and pass the word along.  So I looked at him and asked him,"Do you know about the suit?"  He looked at me with a puzzled look.  So in my American way I said"The suit", which means court, but this time louder.(because it has nothing to do with a different language, you just talk like their deaf and they'll understand!!!!)  He finally said "No".  I looked at him and said "Well you are now Macksym Nicholas Layne".  I thought he was going to cry.  He just reached over and gave me the biggest hug.  Its been twelve days since court, I couldn't believe he didn't know.  I wonder how many times at night or when he had time to himself he wondered if he would still be an orphan, or if a judge had said yes, and he finally had a real family.  A real mama, and real papa.  I don't who I was more upset with, the team that helps us for not telling him, or myself.  I know we were busy trying to get home to our girls in America, but all we had to was stop one day and send a simple email to make sure he knew.  Looks like my first real job as his parent was a complete failure.
Checking out the iPhone with Grandma.
     We left the orphanage and went back to the apartment to eat some lunch and wait on T.  We were heading out to start the finalization process for Eli.  This consisted of getting both boys court decrees, getting Eli's old birth certificate, then going to get his new one that has his new name- Eijah Konstantine Layne.  Then once I signed my name to that we had to get a new tax i.d. number so we could apply for his new passport.  Once we did that we had the documents legalized then notarized.  It all amounted to a four hour ride in the back of a car, in which I signed my name three times, and really just waited a lot on T.  Tomorrow early morning we have to get Eli out and take him to get his passport and visa photo.  We have to have this done so it can be sent off by 11 am.  Then we are heading to Max's hometown, which I'm told is an hour and a half away, to get his new birth certificate.  We are then going to go spring him from his orphanage.  I'm sure he will be excited.  Although I don't know for how long, as we still don't know for sure where we are going to place him until he is able to leave the country.  Please pray for this process.  We are trying to get answers, but this is unheard of and is a rare case, and things are still being digested over what to do.  All I know is he is not staying where he at now for the next 6 months and I have a plane to catch to take Eli home on the 27th.  Hopefully we hear something soon. 
My boy and his sweet tarts! He loves those things!
    On another note, if you are reading this and you have in one way or another supported us on this journey, I just want to take the time to say Thank You!  Without people willing to give of their money and their time, this journey would not have been possible.  More importantly than the giving of your time and money, it means more to us that you gave your love.  That's truly what you gave.  I use to really struggle with the question,"Do I really love God?"  Did I truly love God, or did I just love what God could and would do for me.  Was my love for Him a selfish love?  I really struggled and prayed over this for a couple years trying to figure it out.  If you have the same question, here is what God revealed to me.  The bible tells us to first love the Lord your God. Okay, I say that aloud, but this is my struggle right.  It then says to love your neighbor as yourself.  Okay, easy, I love to help out those in need.  It has always been one of my passions.  Jesus also says,"Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me."  There it is.  Let it sink in.  When you help your neighbor.  Love your neighbor.  You are also loving God.  Love isn't a noun.  It's not a thing.  Love is a verb. It's an action.  And you my friend have not only loved Me and Cara, but you have truly made God shed a tear with your love for Him.  (and me too)
          I want to leave you with one last thought.  In the book of Mark, chapter 10 verses 17-22.  A young wealthy man comes up to Jesus and wants to join He and the disciples.  I'm sure the disciples were probably happy happy this was a well to do man. They could really use a guy like this.  He tells Jesus that he has done everything right, and he wants to follow him.  So in verse 21. Jesus looked at him and loved him."One thing you lack," he said.  "Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."  I have struggled and pondered over this verse.  It's a hard verse to read.  This young man really wanted to devote his life to Jesus.  He just couldn't get rid of all his stuff he had worked hard for.  Truth is I'm not sure I could.  Another struggle.  But, the part I have always missed was the part I underlined.  I just thought Jesus was harping on this guy because he didn't give to the poor.  I'm not sure that was the case.  It was out of love that he told this man this.  Christ knew, that by selling everything this man had, sure, it might be a temporary set back for him, but his eternal reward would be so much greater.
So my last question for the night is this-- out of love, what is Christ asking you to do?  Cara and I have have approached this on all of our adoptions--what is God asking us to do? This question can sometimes be a scary one--one that may put you out of your comfort zone, stretch your limits.  Maybe for you its committing to teach Sunday school, or helping out in the nursery at church.  Maybe, its volunteering at that place you  have been talking about for a while, or maybe its selling everything you have and devoting your life to the mission field.  Whatever it is, I think  we all need to ask ourselves this question.

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Laurie said...

Tearing up over Max tonight. How lucky he is to be a Layne (even though you forgot to tell him!!) I'm sure he'll forgive you :)